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Sri Lanka

Government Printer is the official printer and publisher for the Government of Sri Lanka. In addition to printing, the Government Printer extends it's services to other areas such as advising the Government and it's Departments for their specialized printing needs. The Government Printer formulates expert evidence when and where courts refer Forgery and counterfeiting attempts. The Government Printer's department is equipped with highly sophisticated printing and allied equipments, and laboratories. The department's expertise now has been extended to areas such as digital printing, personalizing technologies, microchip based plastic card printing and latest other security printing technologies, including passport printing. We are also investing to the security printing Technologies to face the challenge of counterfeiting and forgery, which are on the increase in the world. We make our utmost ceaseless effort to grow in concert with the era of information.

GAZETTES are Published on every Friday. See PART I- SECTION(I) for proclamations, appointments etc. For Tenders and Auction sales please see the SECTION(IIB). SECTION(IIA) is for Exams, Vacancies etc

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